Kathleen KabelKathleen Hanna Kabel grew up showing Morgans on the New England circuit alongside her Dad, Mark Hanna, in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. She moved to Southern California in 1990, and married her husband, Steve. Kathleen and Steve have two daughters, Courteney and Katie. Upon the sudden and unexpected passing of her Dad in 2003, Kathleen decided she had to do something to honor her dad and carry on his name in the Morgan World. Returning to horses and sharing that experience with her daughters was a perfect way to bring the family full circle. Kathleen and her girls had much success showing in California with Bob Hughes at BLACKRIDGE. Of course, that would bring them to Oklahoma City and the Morgan Grand National, where Kathleen would meet Lynne Moeller and they became fast friends.

Kathleen and her girls loved the fit and comfort of ModJods and would look forward to getting new jods every year. Lynne asked Kathleen if she would be interested in being a sales rep and Kathleen jumped at the chance. Everyone knows it’s easy to sell something you love, and now Kathleen has been doing that for 12 years! Her college degree in Fashion Merchandising with a Retail/Business emphasis, combined with her personal connection and knowledge of the show horse industry made combining her two passions a no brainer. Kathleen’s horses are in training with David Rand in Maine, and she loves showing on the New England circuit again. She sells ModJods at the New England shows, and also at the Morgan Grand National. Her favorite selling point is to tell her customers that they can show in the same jods they practice in! ModJods are fashionable and comfortable and last forever. Look for Kathleen at a show, or she’s always available by phone or on line.