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For more info or to order jodhpurs: Call Lynne at (314)437-2070

ModJod Originals

Jods Shown are examples of our fun fabrics, please call Lynne directly at (314) 437-2070 to see what is in stock.

Modjods are the jods that are mod-ern…providing the ultimate in fun, fashion, fit and function! Comfort, stretch, a lower waist and designer style make ModJods look as good as they feel.

We feature fantastic fabrics that change seasonally. In Spring and Summer, you’ll find plenty of lightweight, stretch materials with lycra or spandex to keep you cool and give you freedom of movement. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns…from the sophisticated herringbones and sleek denim sateen to seasonal bright shades. For cooler weather, there are the lightweight and heavier weight cords, fleece-lined washable wool blends, and wool gabardine.

What makes ModJods so great? Besides the ever-changing fun fabrics, we provide the best fit. All ModJod Originals have matching or contrasting suede patches to help riders keep great leg contact. They feature a lower to medium rise waist with hidden elastic in the back to insure they stay where they should! Two invisible front, flat pockets make it convenient to carry small items.

ModJods are versatile and durable; wear them daily! ModJods easily go from the barn to your next destination. And they’re easy to care for: we recommend washing inside out with similar fabrics and hanging to dry.

Fabrics sell quickly. It is possible that not all sizes will be available in all fabrics. For the very latest on what’s in stock in the Original ModJods, call before ordering.

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